Start a Santa Letter Business


Santa says ...

"Shhh... It's a secret, but I don't actually write all those letters each year.

Mrs. Claus says I work too hard, so I have to outsource SOME parts of my business. I can't argue with Mrs. Claus or I'll be sleeping with Rudolph!

So, I need letter writing helpers this Christmas season. Interested?

Keep reading to see how you can Start a Santa Letter Business this year!"

Children love receiving their very own, personalized letter from Santa -- and parents gladly pay money for it! We sure do!

Someone has to profit from printing and mailing all those letters. Why not you?

We've put together a Digital Kit (instantly downloadable) to get you started with your own Santa Letter Business. If you've got a computer and printer, then you'll only need some basic stationery to begin (and you can buy that anywhere).

You can have your own Santa Business up and running in no time. 

Here's what You'll Receive in this Kit

How to Get Started

  • List of the equipment that You'll Need
  • Different Types of Santa Letters to Offer to your Customers
  • What to include with the letter (extra touches)
  • How to price your letter and work out costs
  • Safety Tips
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Year-round business ideas 

Marketing your Santa Letter Business to Make Sales 

  • Setting up a Website
  • Promoting your website online
  • How to sell your letters on eBay
  • Making sales offline through fundraisers and order forms

Tools Included in Package

  • 10 different sample letters (all ready set up for mail merge and including the mail merge data file)
  • Customized spreadsheet for working out costs and profit
  • Customized spreadsheet for tracking sales
  • Free Christmas printables to include in your letter

Resources Included

  • Where to get stationery
  • How to get a real North Pole stamp on your letter

Additional Income Sources for Your Santa Letter Business

  • Affiliate programs
  • Ideas to turn it into a year-round letter business

Christmas is coming and there are a lot of businesses that are profiting from it. You could, too.

Plus, you'll have the tools and knowledge to make this your "foot-in-the-door" way to start an online business. You can make this a year-round business OR use the knowledge you gain in this course to grow into other areas of business.

We wish you the best!       

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Darina Loakman                                                            Nicole Dean


PS. If you've been thinking of starting a business from home, a Santa Letter Business is an extremely affordable business to start with and with this kit you will soon be on your way to christmas profits.


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